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AsP Szentkirály Boda László it's an association, it's mission is to promote European products/services, to create an environment for a sustainable economic development and to strengthen the social system in Romania and Europe.

The services offered are:
- advertising campaigns for European products/services;
- advertising campaigns, quality analysis and market research for quality European products;
- strategic management conferences organized for the producers and Romanian and European service providers;
- facilitate the distribution contracts
- free strategic management and sales trainings
- various cultural projects to promote Romanian and european values.

To achieve the objectives,  to support the present and future activities and projects, we accept donations and sponsorships from legal persons and/or individuals. These may consist in money donations and/or goods (goods and services suitable for the specific nature of the activities supported by us, items for equipment and operations, etc.)


AsP Szentkirály Boda László
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