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The crisis of 2009 is not simply a financial or real estate crisis, but one that marks the end of an era, the end of the era of chaotic consumption, the ”must have” type. Every end is also a new beginning. The new era will be one of a cautious consumption, well thought out and planned, in which the quality of the products and services will be essential.

Why is quality necessary?
Quality is a commonly used concept in all fields of activity. More and more often we hear expressions like: quality above all, quality makes the difference, we offer our services at the highest quality standards. A company can survive only if its products and services are minimum at a competitive quality level. There are no sales without quality. There is no profit without sales. Without profit, business is not business.

One of the key factors to achieve and maintain a company’s performance is the quality of its products/services. Applying concepts related to quality in the sphere of industry and services is essential to any economic agent, so as to improve the competitiveness in the competitive conditions of market economy.

It is therefore important for their own prosperity that the manufacturing firms or service companies give due importance to quality and implicitly to the competitiveness of the offered products or services.

The quality level of the products and services offered by the companies that obtained the right to use the logo "Quality Guarantee -" is high above the level of competitive quality, receiving the good, very good or excellent qualification at the quality analysis tests performed by laboratories recognized at European level. This gives prestige and prosperity to the producers,  and  it offers more certainty and longer value for the consumers.